Strategy, Data and Governance

Strategy, Data and Governance


February 22, 2023 - 10:00 am – 11:00 am


Elected officials are chosen by the people to represent public interests and to make policy decisions. In a way, they are also the “board of directors” of a public organization. Many come from all walks of life and have limited governance experience before taking the office. So how can we help elected officials govern more effectively while accomplishing community goals?

On Wednesday February 22 we will be joined by Kel Wang and Rudy de Leon Dinglas from fioh strategy for the webinar Strategy, Data and Governance to explore the dynamics between elected officials and the administration and to share leading practices in strengthening the governance capacity of elected officials. Specifically, the presentation will cover the following topics:
- Strategy in the public sector
- From strategy to results
- The four constraints of elected officials
- From dichotomy to continuum: the changing view of elected officials and the administration
- Council’s involvement in administration
- The hypothesis of a high performing governing body
- How to use data to get your strategy into high gear
- Resources for building the governance capacity of elected officials


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