Scoop Lewry Award Nomination

The Scoop Lewry Award was donated by L.H. “Scoop” Lewry, long-time Mayor of Moose Jaw and SUMA President in 1956-57. This award, first presented in 1975, is dedicated to his memory. Scoop dedicated his career to improving his community with a kind and humanitarian spirit.


  • The nominee must be an elected official, administrator, SUMA official, personnel in the Ministry of Government Relations, or personnel in First Nations and Metis Relations who has demonstrated a higher standard for public engagement. 
  • The nominee has made an outstanding contribution to the field of municipal politics through the following:
    • outstanding service in his/her local area
    • outstanding service in the provincial context, especially in service to SUMA
    • outstanding service in the national context (service to the Federation of Canadian Muncipalities, holding federal government office, etc.)
    • volunteer work within the community
    • improvement in the community through leadership, innovation, sustainability, etc.
    • serving on numerous boards and committees



Any SUMA member, the Convention Planning Committee, or the SUMA Board of Directors may nominate an individual.



The Convention Planning Committee will review the nominations. If the commitee finds a successful candidate for the year, their selection is approved by the SUMA Board of Directors.



The Scoop Lewry Award can be presented to one succcesful candidate per year. However, it is not mandatory that the award be presented each year.



The successful candidate will receive the following:

  • Name engraved on the Scoop Lewry trophy
  • Framed certificate and pin
  • Personalized presentation at the President's Banquet
  • Invitation to the Special Guest and Award Recipient Reception before the President's Banquet
  • Two complimentary tickets with reserved seating at the President's Banquet
  • Biography and photo in the awards booklet
  • Professional photo
  • Free subscription to Municipal Voice



The Scoop Lewry Award is presented at the President's Banquet at the SUMA Annual Convention.


Complete award nominations are to be submitted by January 4, 2024. No late submissions will be accepted.

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