Life Membership Award

In 1985, the Life Membership Award was introduced in view of the fact that some people have given exemplary service to their Council and SUMA but do not qualifty for the Honourary Service Award because they did not serve their council for the necessary 20-year period. This award is granted by the SUMA Board of Directors and recognizes an individual whose career exemplifies commitment and dedication to the community and significant contributions to urban government in Saskatchewan, through SUMA.



  • A municipal elected official who has served on the SUMA board for at least two terms.
  • The individual must have demonstrated commitment and dedication to their community.
  • The individual must have contributed significantly to the urban government through SUMA.



The Convention Planning Commitee or the SUMA Board of Directors may nominate an individual.



The selection for the recipient of this award is approved by the SUMA Board of Directors.



The successful candidate will receive the following:

  • Framed certificate, pin, and corsage/boutonniere
  • Personalized presentation at the President's Banquet
  • Two complimentary tickets with reserved seating at the President's Banquet
  • Biography and photo in the Awards Booklet
  • Professional photo
  • Free registration to attend the convention the year of the award presentation and any year going forward in his/her lifetime
  • Free subscription to Municipal Voice
  • Enjoy the privileges of being a regular member for life



The Life Membership Award is presented at the President's Banquet at SUMA's Annual Convention.


This award is nominated by the Convention Planning Committee or SUMA Board of Directors, therefore there is no nomination form available.