2023-12. PST on Event Tickets

Year: 2023


Whereas prior to 2022, event tickets were exempt from the Provincial Sales Tax (PST); and

Whereas the addition of PST to event tickets either increases the cost for consumers, potentially reducing attendance, or reduces the slim profit margin for promoters, which leads to promoters choosing to skip over Saskatchewan entirely; and

Whereas concerts and other major events have substantial economic spinoff for municipalities, increasing revenues for numerous classes of business—all of whom pay taxes on those additional earnings; and

Whereas Saskatchewan has missed out on several major acts and the economic benefits they would have brought with them since the PST on event tickets was introduced.

Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the provincial Minister of Finance to remove the Provincial Sales Tax on event tickets.


Acts affected: The Provincial Sales Tax Act

Regions/Sectors: ALL

Provincial Response

Dear Randy Goulden:

Thank you for your May 11, 2023, letter regarding a number of resolutions made at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association's (SUMA) 118th Annual Convention.

With regard to the resolution requesting the removal of PST from event tickets, some of the policy changes announced in previous Budgets were difficult decisions, and I fully understand that they have not been painless for Saskatchewan residents and businesses. However, our Government strongly believes in the broad application of PST to sustain funding for public services.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to comment on these SUMA resolutions.



Donna Harpauer

Deputy Premier and Minster of Finance 


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