RCMP Retroactive Salary Increases

Year: 2022


Whereas a first-ever collective bargaining agreement has been struck between the Government of Canada and the RCMP; and

Whereas that collective agreement contains five-years-worth of retroactive pay increases for RCMP members; and

Whereas municipalities had no part in the negotiations, and have no point been formally advised as to how large the increases are likely to be; and

Whereas municipalities have the least ability to pay of any level of government, and are legislatively incapable of running deficits; and

Whereas the costs of retroactive salary adjustments exceed $1,000,000 in some of cities; and

Whereas municipalities are already midway through their budget cycle;


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Government of Canada to absorb all costs of the retroactive salary increases for RCMP officers.




Federal Response

Dear Randy Goulden:

Thank you for your correspondence of April 26, 2022, regarding Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association ($UMA) resolutions with respect to the costs stemming from the collective agreement between the Treasury Board of Canada and the National Police Federation (NPF) for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Regular Members and the RCMP Body-Worn Camera initiative.

I recognize that all communities are challenged by growing policing costs and the pressures on our officers who keep us safe. I am proud of the day-to-day work done by the RCMP to provide policing services across Canada, including much of rural Canada, the Canadian North, many towns and large urban areas. As a result of the collective agreement, RCMP salaries are now consistent with other police services across Canada.

As you may be aware, my officials have been working with yours through the Contract Management Committee (CMC) since January 2022, on the process and calculation for estimating cost ranges for the retroactive salary increases over the periods of fiscal years 2017-2018 to 2020-2021. This included a May 5, 2022 meeting with SUMA and seven contract partner municipalities in Saskatchewan, to further discuss the issue and the impact of retroactive payments in their respective jurisdictions. Additional information regarding the detailed calculations for invoicing purposes was also communicated to jurisdictions in June 2022 supported by a meeting on June 30, 2022 to address any additional questions jurisdictions had.

This information is supporting the Government in its analysis and decision making in response to contract jurisdictions' request for payment flexibility. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for the important contributions SUMA has made in ensuring prompt communication and coordination with municipalities on this issue, and make note that the Government will not seek payment until a decision has been reached on the request from contract partners for flexibility on retroactive costs.

Thank you again for taking the time to write and share the recent resolutions adopted by SUMA at its 117th Annual Convention. I can assure you that my officials are analyzing this information and remain committed in working with contract jurisdictions on these complex matters. I thank SUMA for bringing forward these important issues on behalf of their members and for its ongoing participation on the Contract Management Committee.


Yours sincerely,

The Honourable Marco Mendicino, P.C., M.P.

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