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Leave for Municipal Council Duties

Year: 2020


Whereas The Saskatchewan Employment Act entitles an employee to leave if they seek nomination, become a candidate, or are elected to any level of government; and

Whereas most employers will allow employees leave to attend meetings and conferences without using holiday pay or requiring a formal leave of absence; and

Whereas The Act does not explicitly require employers to offer leave to attend to municipal government duties without using holiday or vacation time; and

Whereas some employers only allow a minimum 30-day unpaid leave of absence, which is to long; and

Whereas municipalities often struggle to find candidates willing to volunteer for municipal council, and a requirement to use holiday or vacation time to fulfill municipal duties may deter many potential candidates;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the provincial government to change or add to The Saskatchewan Employment Act the requirement for employers to allow employees to attend meetings, conferences, or training related to serving on municipal council, without having to use a long-term leave of absence or using holiday/vacation time.


The Saskatchewan Employment Act States:

2-54(1) An employee is entitled to a leave

  1. To seek nomination as a candidate for a municipal, provincial or federal election or an election for a board of education or Conseil scolaire Fransaskois, for a reasonable period;

  2. To be a candidate for a municipal, provincial or federal election or an election for a board of education or the Consiel scolaire fransaskoi, for a reasonable period; or

  3. If the employee has been elected to a municipal, provincial or federal government or a board of a education or a Consiel scolaire fransaskoi, for the period during the employee’s term of office that may be necessary.

ACTS AFFECTED: The Saskatchewan Employment Act      REGION/SECTOR AFFECTED: ALL       2020-018.