Coordinated Support for the Crystal Methamphetamine Crisis

Year: 2020


Whereas crystal methamphetamine use and addiction rates are substantially increasing, leading to increases in overdose deaths, violent crime, property crime, and drug offenses; and

Whereas this crisis is putting increasing strain on Emergency Responders and resulting in millions of dollars spent on emergency health services, incarceration, and family breakdown; and 

Whereas local police services are unable to address the root causes of addictions and the mental health problems that often accompany them; and

Whereas the Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that Saskatchewan currently spends only $86 per capita on mental health and addictions--$20 less per capita than the Canadian average; and

Whereas the Government of Saskatchewan is responsible for the disposition of justice, health, and social services resources;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the Government of Saskatchewan to work with communities to create interventions to break the cycle of addictions by improving coordination among provincial ministries, police services, community agencies, and Indigenous organizations and ensuring effective, evidence-based responses that address all four pillars of the addictions crisis (prevention, treatment, enforcement, harm reduction).

Be it further resolved that the Government of Saskatchewan increase mental health and addictions services funding by not less than three percent in the 2020 provincial budget so as to ensure financial resources are in place to implement measures that will help to address this growing crisis.


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