Revitalizing Historic Downtowns

Year: 2020


Whereas the Town of Maple Creek has been awarded the 2019 Prince of Wales Award for its exemplary and effective revitalization practices and demonstrated results in bringing heritage to life; and

Whereas Maple Creek has 18 new businesses in its downtown since participating in the provincial government’s Main Street program, resulting in increased property demand, renewal and municipal revenue; and

Whereas all of Maple Creek’s downtown businesses experienced revenue increases ranging from 13% - 153%; and

Whereas downtown and heritage revitalization plays an important role in ensuring local business revenue stays within the community; and

Whereas funding for downtown revitalization and historic preservation has been significantly cut; and

Whereas the opportunity costs of not investing in downtowns and heritage is significant; and

Whereas the uniqueness and health of a community’s downtown and historic spaces and buildings is linked to local business health;

Therefore, be it resolved that SUMA advocate the Government of Saskatchewan to work with Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance to develop programs with sustainable funding to assist municipalities in rehabilitating their downtowns and historic spaces and buildings.


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