Fire Protection Development Levies

Year: 2016


Whereas legislation requires that municipal governments must establish fire protection services; and,

Whereas the cost of construction of buildings and purchase of fire equipment is required in order to establish fire protection services; and, 

Whereas the cost of maintaining this service can reasonably be expected to come from fee for service and the property tax base; and, 

Whereas in instances of rapid growth there may be a need to construct additional fire halls, and purchase additional equipment to expand protective services; and, 

Whereas The Planning and Development Act, 2007 does not allow for the inclusion of future protective services as a reasonable cost for calculating off-site levies or development fees; 

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate with the Government of Saskatchewan to add protective services as an allowable cost for calculating off-site levies or development fees under The Planning and Development Act for Saskatchewan.

Provincial Response

  • Ensuring appropriate municipal infrastructure and services are provided for at the time of development is essential for reducing infrastructure deficits. As such, servicing agreements and development levies are effective tools available to municipalities for ensuring cost effective, sustainable infrastructure is in place to support the market demand for new growth.
  • Government Relations will consider this request as part of its continuing process of ensuring the planning legislation meets the needs of all municipalities in the province and is supportive of economic and municipal growth. 

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