Water Quality and Waste Management Monitoring

Year: 2016


Whereas water quality in our lakes and rivers is essential to both public health, and Saskatchewan tourism; and

Whereas there are new environmental regulations governing water supply and quality; and

Whereas despite these regulations, breaches still occur, with no timely notice or information being disseminated to the public or affected communities; 

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA work with the three levels of government — federal, provincial and municipal — to ensure that there is a full public disclosure of information regarding water quality, quantity, and waste management monitoring in Saskatchewan.

Provincial Response

The Government of Saskatchewan and the Water Security Agency (WSA) will be pleased to work with SUMA to advance transparency regarding water quality, water quantity and waste management monitoring information in the province. Further discussion with the WSA is suggested as an initial step to better determine what information SUMA and its members are seeking. Currently, WSA publishes results of wastewater quality monitoring in the Annual Report on the State of Drinking Water Quality in Saskatchewan, and community-specific wastewater quality monitoring results are available on the website. Information on surface water quality is currently available upon request from WSA, although details are not yet available online. WSA has previously engaged with the Lower Qu’Appelle Watershed Stewards on the topic of water quality in the Qu’Appelle Lakes. WSA also provides streamflow level and flow information on the website.

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