REJECTED -- Familial Restrictions for Management of Saskatchewan Housing Authority Buildings

Year: 2016


Whereas Saskatchewan Housing Authority has a policy in place where a management service contract cannot be offered to anyone whose immediate family member is “an elected municipal officer in the community served by the housing authority; and

Whereas urban municipalities have challenges filling council positions; 

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate with the Ministry of Social Services to revise their "Saskatchewan Housing Authority – Housing Operations Policy Manual" to remove the "immediate family member" restriction, with respect to municipal officials.

Council for the Town of Lanigan has had a vacant position since May, 2015. A by-election was called and one nomination was received. The new council member attended one meeting before their spouse accepted a Management Services Contract with the Saskatchewan Housing Authority in the community. The council member was subsequently required to resign. Since this resignation, Council has called a by-election twice, in accordance with The Local Government Elections Act, and continues to advertise with no interest from residents.

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