Funding for Provincial Libraries

Year: 2011


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Government of Saskatchewan to deliver an adequate and sustainable level of provincial funding for libraries.

Provincial Response

The Government of Saskatchewan proposed a total of $5.25M over four years for the SILS project, has met its commitment of $825,000 in 2010-11, and is considering the final proposed funding of $825,000 for 2011-12 in the budget development process. In 2010-11, the ten public library systems shared $7.475M in provincial resource-sharing grants. In the same year, the Government of Saskatchewan invested $1.85M in Community Net connectivity for public libraries, ensuring high-speed access to electronic resources including SILS. As you may realize, decisions regarding funding are made in the context of the overall provincial budget, which will be announced on March 23, 2011. We will keep these matters in mind as we consider the priorities of government over the coming months.

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