Request Changes to Saskatchewan Gaming Regulations for Bingo Proceeds

Year: 2011


Therefore be it resolved that the Saskatchewan Association of Northern Communities request that the SUMA lobby the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority to change regulations restricting spending on youth travel, purchase of musical instruments and other such restrictions on spending from bingo revenue.

Provincial Response

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) has a policy that restricts the use of bingo proceeds in order to ensure charities meet the Criminal Code requirement that all proceeds earned from charitable gaming be used exclusively for charitable or religious purposes. SLGA’s policies pertaining to the use of proceeds have been developed based upon common law to provide the overall policy framework for charitable gaming licensing consistent with the requirements of the Criminal Code. SLGA is committed to reviewing existing policy to determine if revisions can be made that better reflect the needs of Saskatchewan’s northern communities, while maintain consistency with the Criminal Code.

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