Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure Projects

Year: 2012


Whereas the Government of Saskatchewan is responsible for establishing the legislative and regulatory framework for Saskatchewan’s environment; and Whereas provincial regulations govern water treatment technologies that directly affect municipalities which must implement these technologies; and Whereas current regulations and procedures prevent permits to construct new environmentally friendly water treatment technologies in the province of Saskatchewan, restricting the type and scope of new projects; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Ministry of Environment to allow the development of “environmentally friendly” infrastructure projects for Saskatchewan municipalities where such projects have gained regulatory acceptance in other jurisdictions, and to encourage engineering firms to be more open and accepting of these “green” technologies.

Provincial Response

The Ministry of Environment encourages municipalities, systems owners and engineering consultants to look for innovative and environmentally friendly ways to meet water and wastewater standards that are established to minimize risks to the environment and public health. A written policy titled Installation of New Water and Sewer Works in Saskatchewan allows for provincial approval of new, environmentally friendly technologies that have a proven track record and have been accepted by other climatically similar jurisdictions. In evaluating any technology solution, it is important to recognize that some approaches may result in additional demands such as increased wastewater production. We recommend that municipalities and engineering consultants conduct a comprehensive review of any new technology to avoid unintended consequences that could result in detrimental environmental or health impacts.

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