Flood Mitigation Funding

Year: 2012


Whereas many municipalities experienced extensive widespread flooding in 2011; and Whereas in many of these areas the clean-up and restoration did not begin until after the grant deadlines had past; and Whereas available contractors and specialists to review shorelines, elevations and mitigation projects were extremely busy; and Whereas it is imperative that permanent flood mitigation work be commenced as quickly as possible to ensure similar flooding issues do not occur in the spring of 2012; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA urge the Government of Saskatchewan to implement a 2012 flood mitigation program for urban governments, to assist in completing projects started in 2010 and 2011, and which will assist in developing future permanent solutions to flood and water control.

Provincial Response

The Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program was announced just over a year ago. The program helped 1,230 clients, including individuals, communities, rural municipalities and businesses, prevent flood damage. Clients have indicated a high level of satisfaction with the program. Saskatchewan understands the need for a long-term program and is negotiating with Canada toward the creation of a federal-provincial flood damage reduction program. In the interim, government is considering the need for a flood prevention program in 2012 as part of its final budget preparations.

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