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Commercial mill rates comparable to agriculture and residential

Year: 2013


Whereas the Government of Saskatchewan is responsible for establishing and setting the property mill rate as they apply to education; and Whereas the commercial percentage of value is at 100 per cent and the commercial education mill rate is at the highest rate and tiered; and Whereas the commercial property within Saskatchewan cannot continue to afford to pay the largest portion of the school taxes; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Government of Saskatchewan to ensure that the commercial percentage of value and education mill rates are comparable to the agricultural and residential rates, as commercial property provides a viable service and employment within the province. Background: Agricultural Property 2012 Percentage of Value: 55% 2012 Education Mill Rate: 3.91 Residential Property 2012 Percentage of Value: 70% 2012 Education Mill Rate: 9.51 Commercial Property 2012 Percentage of Value: % 2012 Education Mill Rate: Assessment less than 500,000: 12.25 Assessment more than 500,000: -First $499,999 of assessment: 12.25 -Between $500,000 & $5,999,999: 14.75 -Over $6,000,000: 18.55

Provincial Response

Government is aware there were increases in commercial property assessments, as well as assessments in all other property classes, due to revaluation this year. Government's decision regarding education property tax mill rates was announced as part of the 2013-14 budget. The education property tax mill rates were lowered to keep the impact of revaluation revenue neutral overall.