Amend The Municipalities Act to allow for Municipal Districts

Year: 2013


Whereas the Resort Village of the District of Katepwa has found that being a district has increased their capacity to successfully meet the needs of their community; and Whereas the District of Katepwa has received numerous enquiries from other lakeshore communities asking about the advantages of becoming a district; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Ministry of Government Relations to amend The Municipalities Act to permit the creation of a Municipal District and formally put into legislation the municipal category of Municipal District.

Provincial Response

Government initially considered the inclusion of proposed amendments in Bill No. 73 - The Municipalities Amendment Act, 2012; however, concerns from the municipal sector were raised with respect to the consequence the addition of another municipal entity may have, particularly as it relates to the appropriation of unconditional revenue sharing grants. The ministry is willing to further consider the establishment of Municipal Districts, provided there is support from the entire municipal sector for this type of municipal entity. Any proposed provisions as they relate to Municipal District would need to clearly articulate that this type of restructuring would occur by agreement of the municipalities involved, on a voluntary basis.

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