Compensation from SGI to be at productive call rates

Year: 2013


Whereas the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs represents the fire service in the Province of Saskatchewan; and Whereas Saskatchewan fire departments are the primary response agency providing rescue and fire-suppression services to the general public; and Whereas fire departments submit invoices for payment of services rendered to Saskatchewan Government Insurance for incidents involving rescue and fire suppression; and Whereas every time a call is received by a fire department it is deemed an emergency until otherwise communicated; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Government Insurance to deem all calls as productive calls and pay as such; and Be it further resolved that the SUMA Board of Directors approach the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs Inc. and Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities to seek support in this matter.

Provincial Response

SGI is the first payer for fire department charges provided for all vehicle losses, including insured and uninsured vehicles in the province. Payments for fire suppression and rescue/extrication services are based on rates established by SGI in consultation with SUMA, SARM, the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs and the Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighters Association. The existing rates were agreed upon in 2011, as was the policy that defines a productive call as one where fire suppression and/or vehicle extrication services are provided. The rates as of January 1, 2013 are $839 per hour for a productive call and $503 per hour for a non-productive call, with the rates prorated after the first hour. The rates paid by SGI include all services performed, all personnel dispatched and all vehicles/equipment required at the scene. Standby time, where the collision involves a vehicle transporting hazardous materials or results in a fatality, is also included. These rates are comparable to those paid for similar services in neighbouring provinces. At this time, SGI is not prepared to amend the policy with respect to productive and non-productive calls.

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