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REJECTED — Health Covered Population Data

Year: 2017


Whereas in Saskatchewan, the minimum population required to become a city is 5,000; and

Whereas the Government of Saskatchewan Health Covered Population data for Kindersley is 5,357, and has been consistently over 5,000 since 2010; and 

Whereas the accuracy of the 2011 Statistics Canada Census data has been publicly and widely questioned and scrutinized; and

Whereas the Government of Saskatchewan, economic development experts, and other agencies recognize Kindersley’s positioning as a regional centre, and many — including Great Plains College, Saskatchewan Economic Development Association, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Kindersley Chamber of Commerce, and the Saskatchewan City Mayors' Caucus — refer to the Province’s Covered Population data as the most accurate for Kindersley; and

Whereas email exchanges with the Ministry of Government Relations consistently highlight Covered Populations as being acceptable data in conjunction with other supporting growth data; and

Whereas after extensive research and working in tandem with the Ministry of Government Relations, the Town of Kindersley did, on May 10, 2016 make application to the Ministry of Government Relations for official city status; and

Whereas in a letter from the Minister of Government Relations dated September 12, 2016, Kindersley was informed that because the application was based primarily on Saskatchewan Health Covered Population data which reports Kindersley’s population at approximately 5,400 as opposed to the 2011 Census population of 4,678, the application was rejected with no additional reasoning provided for the rejection of the application;

Therefore, be it resolved that the SUMA request that the Minister of Government Relations confirm whether Health Covered Population is an acceptable means of determining the population of a Saskatchewan community when the Statistics Canada Census data is questioned, furthermore provide more detail as to reasons why Kindersley’s application for Official City Status was rejected.