Policing Levies

Year: 2014


Whereas the tax base in small urban municipalities is shrinking in spite of Saskatchewan’s “economic boom;” and Whereas many costs – the SAMA levy, waste management, policing, library levies, infrastructure, etc. – are consuming all of the tax revenue generated in small urban municipalities; and Whereas the fine revenue sharing with small communities has been non-existent while the per-capita levy has risen significantly; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice and SARM to cap the policing levy for villages at $1,000.

Provincial Response

In 2000, a SUMA and Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) joint task force on the administration of justice determined that all residents of Saskatchewan should contribute to the cost of policing. The Honourable Christine Tell, Minister Responsible for Corrections and Policing, has asked that the Task Force be reconvened to review the current provincial funding formula for provincial policing as well as the resolution tabled by SUMA. A formal meeting request will be forthcoming under separate cover to Task Force representatives.

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