Building Canada Fund

Year: 2014


Whereas the current Building Canada Fund is scheduled to expire in the spring of 2014; and Whereas the Government of Canada announced in its March 2013 budget that a renewed Building Canada Fund would be developed providing $14.4 billion for infrastructure projects over 10 years; and Whereas urban governments in Saskatchewan have been told that the earliest they can expect to see federal funding is April 2014; and Whereas the final program design and details for the renewed Building Canada Fund have still not been released; and Whereas Saskatchewan urban municipalities are facing an escalating infrastructure deficit due to the lack of federal funding available; and Whereas it is vital that urban municipalities have access to federal funding to address this escalating deficit; Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA call upon the Government of Canada to immediately release the program design and details of the renewed Building Canada Fund so urban governments in Saskatchewan can prepare for the 2014 construction season.

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