Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) Rates

Year: 2018


Whereas many municipal fire departments choose to provide MVC services, despite the significant costs for equipment and training; and

Whereas SGI is responsible for providing compensation to fire departments for attending MVCs; and

Whereas municipalities incur these heavy costs for providing services, regardless of whether a call is considered “productive” or “non-productive” by SGI; and

Whereas third-party research has shown that the current compensation rates, even for time deemed “productive,” are failing to provide cost-recovery for fire departments; and

Whereas overburdening municipal fire departments will result in fewer being able to afford to provide critical MVC rescue services to the residents of Saskatchewan, potentially endangering lives;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate SGI and the Minister Responsible for SGI to have productive and non?productive call classifications removed, and to implement a $1,200 per hour MVC callout rate, in line with third-party research recommendations.

Provincial Response

SGI certainly values the services provided at vehicle collision sites and is willing to compensate them accordingly. It is our intention to strive for a mutual satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible. I’m sure you understand that SGI has a fiscal responsibility to its policyholders to ensure any increases in compensation are appropriate and justifiable, and is subject to the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel for premium rate approval, which includes the appropriateness of expenses incurred.

I hope the mutual understanding gained by all parties involved will help ensure an effective relationship going forward.


* On March 1, 2018, SGI stopped using the non-productive call rate for time spent by fire departments responding to motor vehicle collisions on provincial highways. Fire departments are being compensated at a rate of $913 for every hour spent at a collision in 2018.

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