Exempt Recreation Facilities from Further Power and Energy Rate Increases

Year: 2009


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA request that SaskPower and SaskEnergy exempt all recreation facilities from further utility rate increases.

Provincial Response

Response: While I recognize that recreational facilities are an important part of Saskatchewan communities, we cannot exempt them from future rate increases on the basis that it is unfair to other customers who would then be required to “cross subsidize” those facilities by paying more. I encourage you to take advantage of the programs available to assist recreational facilities in reducing their energy consumption and becoming more energy efficient. This promotes a long-term behavior shift and will help the environment and save money on any future utility cost increases. SaskEnergy has established a commercial network of independent retailers and contractors in Saskatchewan communities that work with SaskEnergy to provide large buildings with the opportunity and tools to increase the energy efficiency of heating equipment. There is also a Municipal Energy Conservation Program, offered through the Saskatchewan Research Council. This program provides municipalities with advice and financial assistance to help them become more energy efficient, reduce energy costs, and lower their greenhouse gas emissions. SaskPower is looking at developing a new Municipal Ice Rink Program which will help municipal rink operators find was t operate more efficiently and reduce their power costs. The program which is still under consideration, would involve energy audit services and assistance with accessing existing funding.

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