Agency to Assist Municipalities in Securing Markets for Recyclable Material

Year: 2009


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the provincial government to develop a central marketing agency to assist municipalities to access consistent and viable markets for recyclables.

Provincial Response

Response: The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to developing sustainable recycling programs for residents of Saskatchewan. One of the key mechanisms to do this is to move forward with programs which will shift the emphasis away from municipalities dealing with all of the costs associated with recycling materials towards implementing programs which employ the concepts of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and User Pay. These systems support the idea that the producers and end users of material have a role to play in dealing with the waste generated by the goods and packaging they produce, sell and benefit from. One of the first steps the ministry is working on in moving to an EPR model is the evaluation of options for a multi-material recycling program (MMRP). A MMRP will provide a sustainable means for the public to recycle paper, plastic, tin and glass materials, including products like newspapers, plastic packaging and bags, cardboard and glass containers. At this time the Ministry of Environment hopes to have a MMRP in place by late 2010. The MMRP would provide a unified program for recycling packaging and paper, including the marketing of these commodities.

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