Permits for Controlled Burning

Year: 2018


Whereas there has been concern over the number of fires burning out of control in our province; and

Whereas landowners are asked to notify the government controlled-burn hotline when starting a controlled burn; and

Whereas Manitoba has a burning permit process in place;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the Government of Saskatchewan to require all landowners proceeding with a controlled burn to apply for a permit with their local municipality. Issuing the permit will be at the discretion of the municipality, based on fire conditions at the time; and

Be it further resolved that landowners neglecting to obtain a burning permit from the municipality should receive a $2,000 fine, and be responsible for any costs incurred to respond to, and/or extinguish the fire. If a permit is not obtained and a local fire department must respond, the fine payment issued will be forwarded to the local fire department that responded to the fire.

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