Changes to the Application of Environmental Levies on Tires

Year: 2009


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA lobby the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation to review their current tire recycling fee collection system to ensure that individuals are not being charged twice and to explore the option of removing the fee being charged for disposal at landfill sites.

Provincial Response

Response: Individuals are to bring additional old and worn tires to the retailer when purchasing new tires. The tires being left at the time of purchase do not have to be the tires that are being replaced at the time. The goal is to encourage maximum recycling of tires in the province and to ensure that one old tire is recycled for every new tire purchased. The tire recycling fee (TRF) is to be charged on all new tires regardless whether the used tire is left behind or not, in accordance to the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation’s (SSTC) product management plan. SSTC has been cleaning up tires form landfills across the province and by December of 2009, when this phase (phase 2) of the program is complete, they will have removed scrap tires from more than 300 landfills at no cost to the communities. This program provides a one-time clean-up for landfills that register a bylaw prohibiting future scrap tire disposal at their landfill. The objective of this program is to remove pre-program tire stockpiles from landfills and to discourage future stockpiling of tires at landfills. A third phase of the tire clean-up program will begin in 2010. During this phase SSTC will identify, remove and recycle, on a one-time basis, private stockpiles of ties at no cost to individuals. Ongoing evaluation by the SSTC board will direct any future changes to the program. For more information consult the SSTC website.

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