Implementing a Provincial Recycling Strategy

Year: 2008


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA lobby the provincial government to set up and implement a provincial recycling strategy that is efficient and cost effective for taxpayers and municipalities.

Provincial Response

Response: Saskatchewan actively promotes a number of recycling and waste diversion initiatives for a variety of materials including designated beverage containers, used tires, oil, paint, and electronic equipment. These programs have been developed through collaborative and cooperative partnerships with industry, municipalities, nongovernmental organizations and other key stakeholders and partners to protect the environment and manage our resources effectively. The Ministry of Environment promotes the principles of stewardship and extended producer responsibility. These concepts ensure that producers who manufacture and sell a product, and consumers who use and derive benefit and utility from a product, accept responsibility for the recovery, recycling and ultimate disposal of postconsumer products. A Solid Waste Management Plan is currently being developed by the ministry. Key issues include roles and responsibilities, funding, accessibility, regional waste management, education and sustainability. The ministry is also evaluating a multimaterial recycling program to facilitate the recycling of paper, plastic, tin and glass.

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