Expediting Approval Process for Water/Waste Water Projects

Year: 2008


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA work with the Ministry of Environment to find ways of expediting the processing time for construction approvals.

Provincial Response

Response: The Ministry of Environment is committed to working with all stakeholders to expedite the approval of water and wastewater projects. Drinking water and wastewater management is a priority for our government. From the perspective of the ministry, construction permits protect public health and the environment by ensuring engineering designs meet provincial legislative requirements and safety related requirements. Permits also help to protect municipal investments in upgrades or new systems. While the ministry is committed to issuing timely construction approvals, it is important to recognize that recent court decisions requiring consultation with First Nations and Metis, on projects that may affect treaty or aboriginal rights, could increase permitting times. Open communication by project proponents and the ministry at the "concept stage" and complete applications help to expedite permitting. The ministry welcomes any suggestions from SUMA members that will help speed up the process.

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