Town Urban Highway Program

Year: 2018


Whereas the provincial highway system passes through many cities, towns, and villages to the benefit of all Saskatchewan residents and visitors; and

Whereas the Ministry of Highways created the Town Urban Highway program to provide funding to municipalities for highway connector maintenance and rehabilitation; and

Whereas the condition of some highway connectors has worsened to the point that program funding is insufficient to make the required repairs or a full rehabilitation; and

Whereas the ministry is responsible under the program for funding 100 per cent of the first rehabilitation of highway connectors, yet cannot provide any specific data regarding priority rankings or timelines for repaving of these connectors, and will only undertake the work if there is an adjacent highway project; and

Whereas, municipalities are now in a position where they may have to fund the full rehabilitation of highway connectors;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the provincial government to have the Ministry of Highways make connector rehabilitation a priority according to condition, not location, and make reasonably specific data available regarding when rehabilitations will occur; and

Be it further resolved that if the ministry cannot facilitate rehabilitation projects in a timely manner, that the ministry agree to fund the work if undertaken by municipalities.

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