Assistance for Recycling Programs

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA lobby the Province of Saskatchewan to make a concerted effort to find viable markets for the recycled goods produced in the Province and that, until such markets are found/developed, they provide meaningful financial assistance to help offset the operating deficits of the communities undertaking these operations.

Provincial Response

Response: Saskatchewan Environment recognizes and acknowledges the difficulties that some municipalities are experiencing in sustain their recycling programs. The department is presently examining and evaluating provincial recycling program for post consumer packaging and printed materials (ie. Paper, plastic, metal, and glass) generated by residential households. As part of the process, Saskatchewan Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors, City of Regina, City of Saskatoon, Corporations Supporting Recycling, Food and Consumer Products Canada, Retail Council of Canada, SARCAN Recycling, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, SUMA, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, and the Waste Advisory Council of Saskatchewan.

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