Increase Property Value Limit for Tax Enforcement

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that SUMA request the Minister of Government Relations to increase the amount prescribed for the purpose of subsection 26(1) of the Tax Enforcement Act to at least $10,000.00.

Provincial Response

Response: The amount prescribed for the purpose of subsection 26(1) of the Act was last changed in 2003; it was increased to $5000 from $2000. Section 26 of the Act provides that were the assessed value of a property is less than the prescribed amount; the municipality can proceed with obtaining title of the property, following the proper procedures. In accordance with section 26.1, where the property is valued greater than the prescribed amount, the municipality must also receive the consent of the Provincial Mediation Board before proceeding with tax enforcement measures. The value set in the regulations should accomplish three goals: to provide a reasonable amount of protection for property owners’ rights; to provide a measure of increased flexibility and decreased administration for municipalities; and to ensure that applications made to the Provincial Mediation Board are for instances that appropriately need the sort of review and consideration the board provides. A review of the amount may be appropriate, although it was increased in 2003. A clearer policy rationale would be needed respecting what it should be since previous adjustments have been somewhat arbitrary.

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