Fair and Equitable Government Grants Resort

Year: 2007


Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA lobby the Government of Saskatchewan to provide additional monies to establish fair and equitable government grants and revenue sharing.

Provincial Response

Response: Revenue Sharing was increased by $30 million in the 2007-08 provincial budgets. This was a 31% increase-the largest single year increase in the history of the program. In 2007-08 an Urban Revenue Sharing distribution formula for towns, village and resort villages was implemented, which includes a basic grant $2,025 for each community, plus $101.57 per capita, based on the 2006 census population. This approach was recommended by SUMA, which said the approach was supported by its members. Per capita basis, the 2007-08 Urban Revenue Sharing grants for resort villages average $119.60, compared with $114.71 per capita for villages, $104.03 for towns and $87.85 for cities. Permanent populations are sued for all communities in determining grants because the Statistics Canada census figures are the only official, independently verifiable figures available. The basic principle in providing per capita grants is one resident, one grant, paid in the community where the resident’s permanent residence is located. Providing grants based on seasonal residents would result in paying more than one grant for the same person, and in some cases for out of province residents. Resort villages have the same opportunity to apply for infrastructure grants that other communities have.

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