Revising Rules for Labour Arbitration for Police and Fire Services

Year: 2006


Be it resolved that SUMA request that the Provincial Government conduct a review of the provisions in both The Police Act, 1990 and The Fire Departments Platoon Act granting the right to utilize Interest Arbitration and to conduct a comparison of similar legislation in other provinces all with a view to making amendments to provide adequate direction to arbitrators to ensure that Awards are consistent with local labour markets.

Provincial Response

The Police Act, 1990 currently places no restriction on what issues parties may bring to arbitration under the Act. Accordingly, to the extent that local conditions are favourable or detrimental to either party's position, that argument can be made to a conciliator or arbitrator appointed pursuant to the Act. In addition, in making their own appointment to the board and through the chairperson appointment process, either party may pay special attention to the local conditions issue in making its appointments. The Government of Saskatchewan is not currently planning amendments to the Act to dictate the consideration of local conditions as a mandatory reference point for an arbitration conducted pursuant to this legislation; however, this issue will be included as a matter for our ongoing review under The Police Act, 1990.

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