Regaining $30 Million as a Step Toward a Long-term Revenue Sharing Plan

Year: 2006


Be it resolved that SUMA continue a vocal campaign for at least a $30 million increase to the urban Revenue Sharing pool for 2007 and also pressure the Provincial Government to firmly commit to a longer-term plan for Revenue Sharing, including an escalator index.

Provincial Response

At the SUMA Convention, the Premier announced $10 million of supplementary unconditional grants in addition to the Revenue Sharing grants that have already been paid for 2005-06. The supplementary grants will be paid by March 31, 2006. In addition, the Premier announced that $10 million will be added to the Revenue Sharing base budget for 2006-07. On March 6, 2006, the Minister announced that $2.2 million will be added to the 2005-06 supplementary grants and to the 2006-07 Revenue Sharing base, bringing up the total Revenue Sharing base budget to $97.25 million in 2006-07. The additional $2.2 million will be allocated to urban municipalities so that each urban municipality will receive the same increase it received in 2004-05. The province is prepared to, and has been working with the municipal sector to review the Revenue Sharing program and the question of an escalator.

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