Supporting the Directions of the Task Force on Regional Waste Recylcing

Year: 2005


Be it resolved that SUMA members support the directions being taken and proposed by the Task Force to: 1. Continue efforts to obtain immediate funding assistance for the recycling operations of regional waste authorities by dedicating $2 million for this purpose; 2. Work jointly with other interested stakeholders, including the Association of Regional Waste Management Authorities of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, and Saskatchewan Environment to help develop a stable, non-profit, multi-material recycling agency for distributing revenues to support the collection, handling and coordinated marketing of materials like paper, plastics, glass and tin; and 3. Continue to promote and advance the principle and practice of more comprehensive industry stewardship as part of a longer-term vision for Saskatchewan, within a possible nation-wide system. 4. Support the development in Saskatchewan of non-profit but industry-led and provincially regulated stewardship programs for consumer e-waste, waste paint and household hazardous wastes, building on the existing network of SARCAN and municipal collection depots. 5. Urge Saskatchewan Environment to consistently enforce compliance with regulations and standards pertaining to the permitting and monitoring of all landfill operations. 6. Lobby to have the current regulations amended to require that rural as well as urban municipalities provide for a proper waste disposal site but not require all municipalities to join or form a regional waste management authority. 7. Encourage all municipalities to voluntarily exercise their authority under the proposed Municipal Act to operate their solid waste management services as public utilities, either individually, jointly or regionally.

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