New Environmental Code

Year: 2018


Whereas SUMA and individual municipalities support the principles and intent of the Environmental Code legislation; and

Whereas SUMA and individual municipalities have expressed concerns about some of the proposed mechanisms and implementation framework for the proposed Environmental Code; and

Whereas individual municipalities have been operating successfully and with appropriate stewardship under existing environmental legislation; and

Whereas the implementation of the code will add cost and risk to already challenged municipal budgets; and

Whereas the proposed Environmental Code will place significant human resource and financial challenges particularly on smaller municipalities;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA advocate the provincial Ministry of Environment to phase in implementation of the Environmental Code as it applies to urban municipalities, with full implementation to be completed by December 31, 2020.

Provincial Response

The use of Saskatchewan Environmental Code chapters is helping communities and the province improve quality of life for Saskatchewan residents by protecting our air, land, and water. The code reduces government red tape by replacing some permits with notifications and allows timely authorization of various activities. The ministry, in consultation with the Saskatchewan Environmental Code Advisory Committee and other stakeholders, considers all impacts in code development and implementation including cost and risk to municipalities and other regulated parties. Transition or phased-in periods can be included in code chapters in order to provide clients time to plan and budget for requirements. For example, the Industrial Source (Air Quality) Chapter provided clients a five-year timeline to meet requirements. Where appropriate, the implementation of each code chapter will be phased in.

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