Partners in Building Our Saskatchewan - One Point of PST

In 2012, SUMA and the City Mayors' Caucus launched a campaign called Partners in Building Our Saskatchewan. The campaign focused on thanking the provincial government for sharing one point – or 20 per cent – of the PST with local governments. 

Early in 2015, with the promise of revenue sharing in potential jeopardy, SUMA and our members began to rally around this message once again. The promise of the revenue sharing agreement was stable, long-term, predictable funding. As Partners in Building Our Saskatchewan, urban governments have supported the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth, and done their part. We continue to ask the provincial government to maintain the partnership by honouring the commitment to share one point of the PST with municipalities. 

The push began in earnest with a letter to Premier Wall from SUMA. Our members quickly emphasized their support for maintaining the program as it was originally designed: 99 members have sent a letter to the Premier saying so, as of February 10. 

This support was solidified at Convention 2015, when members unanimously passed the following resolution: 

Whereas the Premier chose  PST as the basis for revenue sharing, and made a commitment to honour the revenue sharing agreement as long as his party formed government in Saskatchewan; and

Whereas PST provides a fair and predictable base for revenue sharing, allowing municipalities to develop budgets in a timely fashion; and

Whereas the current revenue sharing arrangement reflects shared interests between municipalities and the Province, including policing, recreation, transit, and the environment; and

Whereas it is essential that the Province consult with SUMA prior to making any changes to the current revenue sharing regime;

Therefore be it resolved that the SUMA membership unanimously express its appreciation for the Government of Saskatchewan’s commitment to the current revenue sharing agreement, based on one point of the Provincial Sales Tax; and

Be it further resolved that SUMA call upon the Premier and his colleagues to continue their solemn promise to share one point of the Provincial Sales Tax revenues with the municipal sector, whatever the fiscal state we face in this province, for as long as they have the honour to form the government of this province. 



The message from SUMA and our members is clear: We are Partners in Building Our Saskatchewan, and partners don't work alone.


SUMA members who have added their voice in support of maintaining the revenue sharing agreement as it was originally designed:

  1. Abbey
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Abernathy
  4. Allan
  5. Arcola
  6. Assiniboia
  7. Battleford
  8. Beechy
  9. Bengough
  10. Bethune
  11. Bienfait
  12. Bredenbury
  13. Broadview
  14. Cabri
  15. Canora
  16. Canwood
  17. Carlyle
  18. Carnduff
  19. Churchbridge
  20. Creelman
  21. Delisle
  22. Earl Grey
  23. Edenwold
  24. Elbow
  25. Esterhazy
  26. Estevan
  27. Eyebrow
  28. Fox Valley
  29. Goodsoil
  30. Hague
  31. Hodgeville
  32. Humboldt
  33. Hyas
  34. Jansen
  35. Kamsack
  36. Kinistino
  37. Langham
  38. Lanigan
  39. Lashburn
  40. Leader
  41. Leoville
  42. LeRoy
  43. Lloydminster
  44. Loreburn
  45. Lumsden
  46. Luseland
  47. Macklin
  48. Manitou Beach
  49. Manor
  50. Maple Creek
  51. Martensville
  52. Meadow Lake
  53. Medstead
  54. Melfort
  55. Melville 
  56. Milestone
  57. Montmartre
  58. Moose Jaw
  59. Moosomin
  60. Naicam
  61. Neville
  62. North Battleford
  63. Osler
  64. Outlook
  65. Parkside
  66. Pilot Butte
  67. Plenty
  68. Preeceville
  69. Prince Albert
  70. Radville
  71. Raymore
  72. Regina
  73. Regina Beach
  74. Rocanville
  75. Saltcoats
  76. Saskatoon
  77. Sceptre
  78. Shields
  79. Sintaluta
  80. Smeaton
  81. Southey
  82. Spiritwood
  83. St. Louis
  84. Star City
  85. Strasbourg
  86. Strongfield
  87. Stoughton
  88. Swift Current
  89. Thode
  90. Togo
  91. Torquay
  92. Vanguard
  93. Warman
  94. Watson
  95. Wawota
  96. Weyburn
  97. Wynyard
  98. Yorkton
  99. Zenon Park