A subscriber-owned, subscriber-governed property and liability insurance program designed for Saskatchewan urban municipalities.

SUMAssure is a subscriber-owned, subscriber-governed insurance program designed for Saskatchewan urban municipalities. Developed by SUMA, SUMAssure began operating as a reciprocal on October 1, 2009. They have since been dedicated to offering the best possible liability and property insurance at the most cost effective prices for their subscribers. SUMAssure is owned by participating municipalities, governed by the SUMAssure Management Board, and administered by Aon Reed Stenhouse.

SUMAssure is the ONLY urban municipal subscriber-owned and governed insurance program in the province. They not only help subscribers plan and guide their municipality’s well-being, they are also a reciprocal offering – which invests back into the communities with profit sharing. Their valuable risk management services provide loss prevention education and operational tools at no additional cost to subscribers. Unlike other insurance providers, SUMAssure specializes in municipal liability and property insurance. This specialized knowledge results in best in class claims management.  Subscribers are owners who receive outstanding customer service because they listen and customize services that help meet municipal objectives.

For more details on how SUMAssure works, and how your municipality can join, visit their website.