Western Heritage

Western Heritage has over 29 years of experience in providing services to municipal and other customers in western Canada. Areas where Western Heritage provides exceptional value is their experience in managing cultural historical risk, use of satellite imagery for environmental monitoring (EFMP) and experience in ground penetrating radar. They began as specialists in assessing Cultural Heritage (CH) risk. As a part of their service, they can manage the legislative components such as archaeology, in addition to the built heritage and also more intangible aspects of CH. Western Heritage’s EFMP extracts environmental indicators from historical and current high resolution satellite imagery and presents them on geospatial dashboard for environmental managers. Using automation, Western Heritage will obtain baseline going back to the early 1980’s and monitor environmental change into the future using higher resolution satellite imagery.

Western Heritage also provides specialized penetrating radar services. Experts in cemetery mapping, Western Heritage also maps buried structures in advance of building and property redevelopment. Their newest service line is UAV services. Western Heritage flies drones equipped with optical, thermal and lidar sensors, depending on the project needs. Staff have an advanced UAV licence with Transport Canada.

Contact Jim Finnigan at 306-975-3860 for more information.