United Rentals

United Rentals is primarily a provider of construction and industrial equipment: trucks, forklifts, earth movers, compressors, aerial work platforms, homeowner equipment, and similar devices. Together these are considered general and aerial rentals, and they make up the bulk of United Rentals fleet. United Rentals also rents in the five specialty fields:

  • Trench Safety: Shoring equipment for excavation in confined spaces and below-ground construction sites, and the training necessary to safely handle such equipment.
  • Power and HVAC: Includes temporary power generators and mobile climate control. These devices are often used during commercial renovations or in response to natural disasters.
  • Tool Solutions: Renting out trailers stocked with tools and supplies. They are often used at large construction sites or during refinery shutdowns.
  • Fluid Solutions: The devices and supplies necessary for transferring, containing or removing liquids.

Municipalities of Saskatchewan and Sourcewell have partnered to ease the purchasing and rentals process. Sourcewell Contract #091615-URI provides rental equipment for construction and related maintenance or facility operations.

Call Mark Dunlop at 514-248-5177 for more information or visit United Rentals for the closest location to your municipality. Please make sure to identify yourself as a Municipalities of Saskatchewan member.