Road Rescue Vehicles

Road Rescue is the muscle in your fleet — the ambulance that defies industry standards. Backed by REV Group, they deliver layers of rock-solid engineering to ensure your fleet is in service for life, while the top-of-the-line feature revolutionize the rescue mission. There’s status quo, and then there’s Road Rescue for the moments when life demands more. This partner was awarded by SUMA and Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) to ease the capital purchasing process for equipment. Together, Municipalities of Saskatchewan and Sourcewell have created a business and service relationship through a competitively tendered process — done on your behalf. Sourcewell contract #022118-REV gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Type I ambulances (standard and medium duty)
  • Type II ambulances
  • Type III ambulances

Let’s Begin

  1. Contact Eric Heffernan, Code Three Emergency Vehicles at 250-861-9000 with your desired specs and ask him for the Municipalities of Saskatchewan/Sourcewell pricing.
  2. Grab a coffee. You gained valuable time by not doing the tender paperwork!