First Data

First Data offers members a reliable cost-effective solution to provide residents/ratepayers the ability to pay with credit and debit cards.

Member Advantages

1. Free Cost Analysis

  • Regardless of population, the same pricing is offered to all SUMA member municipalities. An analysis against your current provider will help you discover the cost savings with joining SUMAdvantage.

2. Reduces Administrative Costs & Save on Time and Money

  • Shift to electronic payments and drastically reduce costs for your municipality. Cash and/or cheques result in significant overhead, transaction and administrative costs
  • Reduce paperwork, shrink bad debt, streamline collections, and lower costly manual reconciliation efforts due to errors

3. Speed and Guarantee of Payment

  • Funds are in your bank account typically within two business days. No more NSF cheques and the costs and hassle associated with them.

4. Residents/Ratepayers Demand

  • Convenient card usage is steadily on the rise while paper cheques and cash are decreasing every year.

Member Invoicing First Data will apply the member discount and invoice directly to the member municipality. Contact Information Please identify yourself as a SUMA member. Sal Memon Phone Toll Free: 1-888-925-9163 x 602-3520