New Line Trenchless Technologies

New Line Trenchless Technologies specializes in the trenchless rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. Established in 2005, New Line are leaders in the specialized field of cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) for sewer and storm infrastructure. Along with CIPP services, New Line also provides cementitious lining solutions that provides a complete structural rehabilitation to lift stations, manholes, and underground vaults. In addition to their CIPP and cementitious solutions, New Line also provides its clients with the following services:

  • CCTV Inspection Services (4” to 24”)
  • Flushing and Cleaning Service
  • Consulting Services

New Line is able to offer these services with confidence because of their exceptional staff that brings their experience and knowledge to every project. To ensure their success on every project, New Line proudly maintains SECOR Certification for their safety program, giving staff a safe and positive working environment to succeed and grow.

Contact Andrew Moreau at 403-277-8000 for more information.