Municipalities of Saskatchewan and Sourcewell have partnered to ease the capital purchasing process for equipment, products, and services. Together, we have created business and service relationships with suppliers through a competitively tendered process — done on your behalf.

Member Advantages

  • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) compliant
  • Eliminates tendering with each purchase
  • Transparent and consistent pricing
  • All the documentation, without all the work

Let’s Begin

  1. Contact your dealer with your desired specs
  2. Ask the dealer for the SUMA/Sourcewell pricing
  3. Grab a coffee. You gained valuable time by NOT doing the tender paperwork!

Sourcewell Contract 081716-NVS with Navistar gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Model 4400 4x2
  • Models MV607 4x2, MV607 6x4
  • Models HV507 4x2, HV507 6x4, HV507 6x6
  • Models HV607 4x2, HV 607 6x4, HV607 6x6
  • Models HV513 4x2, HV513 6x4
  • Models HV613 4x2, HV613 6x4
  • Models HX515, HX520, HX615, HX620
  • Model RH
  • Model LT
  • Model Lonestar
  • Model CV515

Contact Joel Shaw at 905-332-2979 and ask for the Municipalities of Saskatchewan/Sourcewell pricing. The following dealers can help too: Saskatoon: Bell International Trucks at 306-242-1251
Regina: Maxim Truck and Trailer at 306-721-9700
Prince Albert: Maxim Truck and Trailer at 306-922-1900.