Connect Energy

Connect Energy is an independent natural gas supplier that is locally-owned and licensed in the province of Saskatchewan. Connect Energy has aligned itself with a world class AA credit energy company that plays a strategic role in providing the most competitive energy purchasing options for Connect’s clients. Connect Energy hedges gas required at today’s future market prices for up to five years. Continue to receive natural gas through the pipelines of SaskEnergy, but you have a choice of who supplies the natural gas commodity to SaskEnergy’s distribution system. You will continue to receive your monthly natural gas bill from SaskEnergy and Connect Energy will be listed as the natural gas supplier.

Member Rate Plans and Advantages

  • 1-Year Guaranteed Rate offers price stability without the long-term commitment
  • 3-Year Guaranteed Rate provides ability to accurately budget costs for the next three years
  • 5-Year Guaranteed Rate helps accurately budget costs for the next five years
  • Wholesale Flex Plan with no long-term commitment can convert to a fixed price for a term of your choice at any time without cost

Members are invoiced through SaskEnergy with Connect’s rate plan pricing.

Call E.J. Babey today at 306-979-0493 to determine which rate plan works best for your municipality. Please identify yourself as a Municipalities of Saskatchewan member.