Evergro (Division of Nutrien Ag Solutions)

Evergro (Division of Nutiren Ag Solutions) is a major supplier to Canadian greenhouse growers, nurseries, golf courses, lawn care operators, sod farms, parks departments, and landscapers. SUMA partnered with Evergro to assist our member municipalities to control mosquito populations for outdoor enjoyment, as well as providing a safety net during the West Nile Virus health-related issues. This program is built specifically for smaller municipalities whose purchase requirements are less than the price advantage offered by full-pallet pricing. Certification is mandatory: Product purchase and application requires a qualified operator with a valid Pesticide Applicator License.

Member Advantages

  • Bulk pricing offered on minimum orders
  • Savings of nine to 11 per cent on larvicide purchases
  • Product shipped directly to your site within 48 hours using the most cost-effective method available
  • Specialized sales staff to assist with product knowledge if required
  • New products on the market are added to the program annually
  • Products recognized by Saskatchewan Ministry of Health under the WNV Grant Application

Member Invoicing Orders are to be placed through Evergro. SUMA will invoice the member municipality with the discount applied. Contact Information Please identify yourself as a SUMA member. Have your certification number ready when placing your order. Also, a copy of the certificate must be faxed or emailed before the order is confirmed. Evergro (Division of Nutrien Ag Solutions) Phone: 1-800-661-2991 Email: evergro@nutrien.com