Laurie Artiss The Pin People


LAURIE ARTISS LTD. The Pin People have been designing and producing custom lapel pins for more than 30 years. The highlight of those years is having produced official pins for the Calgary and Vancouver Olympic Games. Involvement in those major events have never deterred them from making it a priority to remember their roots, which are those orders from Lions Clubs, villages, family reunions, and charities. SUMA partnered with LAURIE ARTISS LTD. in 1991 providing members with an opportunity to purchase quality pins to commemorate special events, by accessing a Saskatchewan based, service oriented municipal pin provider with professional design capacity.

Member Advantages

  • 15 per cent discount
  • Additional discounts awarded with early payments
  • Professional design services at no charge when you order your pins. Laurie Artiss The Pin People will even provide members with the design to use on other souvenir items.

Member Invoicing Orders are to be placed through Laurie Artiss Ltd. SUMA will invoice the member municipality with the discount applied. Contact Information Call Laurie Artiss Ltd. to place your order and identify yourself as a SUMA member. Barry Taman Phone: 1-800-667-8168 Email: Website: