LandLoc Environmental Products

LandLoc Environmental Services offers SUMA members two different options to suppress dust, EcoSoil and EcoAnchor. EcoSoil is an ultra-pure non-petroleum based dust suppressant which creates an artificial optimum moisture content in the aggregate, weighing down the fine particles to eliminate dust, while mitigating potholes and wash boarding. EcoAnchor is an engineered copolymer dispersion which incorporates long-chain nanotechnology to bind soil particles on a microscopic level to hold those particles in place and eliminate dust. As no two roads are the same, LandLoc’s application specialists will advise the best possible solution for municipality roads or application area. They will also work with the public works crew or local contractor to train the crew on how to apply Landloc products. This will allow the application specialist to cover more areas in a shorter amount of time, this increasing our ability to supply the entire province and provide exceptional customer service.

Members will be invoiced from LandLoc with quoted pricing. Please make sure to identify yourself as a Municipalities of Saskatchewan member when calling Willie Whelan at 587-387-2317 or Toll Free at 888-988-8276.