KTI Limited

KTI Limited offers metering solutions that include a variety of Sensus domestic, commercial, and industrial meters. Their smart water network solution combines the power of Sensus’ advanced metering technology, software, and proven service with the Flexnet communications system.

Member Advantages
The Sensus smart water network fits the needs of large and small utilities alike, offers savings from day one, and is a technology that will grow with your municipality. The Sensus Omni Commercial and Industrial meters for example, use a floating ball technology that has low head loss, incredible accuracy, and is made of ductile iron. Their residential meter solution includes the provision of the Sensus Accustream meter, the Sensus iPerl, and the SRII brass meter. The Sensus Automated Metering Reading (AMR) solutions help save you time and money with hand-held devices that increase accuracy, efficiency, and control.

Members will be invoiced from KTI Limited. Please make sure to identify yourself as a Municipalities of Saskatchewan member. Contact Jamie Parks at 778-988-6601 for more information.