Leading the way since 1906, the name Guillevin has been synonymous with quality, efficiency and innovation in the field of product distribution and supply. Driven by their uncompromising commitment to satisfying customers’ requirements, they have established a vast network of distribution centers all doing business based on the needs of their customers.

Guillevin will hook you up with the latest PPE, construction and traffic safety products, rescue, and firefighting gear. Fireservice Management is a specialty offerred for special cleaning, disinfecting, tracking, repairs and custom work on fire turnout gear. They also offer Gas Detection monitors and servicing, Jordair compressors, and SCBA sales and service.

To set up your account contact, Greg Orcheski (Edmonton branch) or Steve Eddy (Calgary branch). 

For product inquires and orders, contact Jason Bellikka (Edmonton branch) or Scott Hanert (Calgary branch).